Health and Safety, Environment
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Tecnimont considers the occupational health, safety of employees and environment protection as the highest priorities and integral part of its overall business objective.
In accordance with its corporate HSE Policy, Tecnimont has developed and implemented HSE Management System throughout the organization covering all aspects of the business. The HSE Management System conforms to international standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and the principle of sustainable development and continual improvement.
Tecnimont applies its HSE Management System during design & engineering, project management, procurement, construction and commissioning activities. In doing this it takes into account the safety of both the designed plant and the people working during construction and commissioning phases and the prevention of damage to environment during all activities of project.
System and procedures have been established for implementing the HSE requirements at all stage of design, engineering, project management, procurement, construction and commissioning. Dedicated roles and responsibilities have been developed to ensure compliance with Tecnimont HSE policy in design, procurement, construction and other activities by issuing relevant procedures for each project.
Tecnimont sets HSE targets at relevant functions and stages of project, which are measured and monitored regularly.
Tecnimont considers HSE awareness as a paramount importance for the success of HSE Management System. HSE awareness among employees and personnel working for or on behalf of Tecnimont is created and enhanced through various training programmes and other suitable means.
During its operation Tecnimont is committed to comply with applicable HSE legal requirements, Customer HSE requirements, internal systems, applicable standards and good management practices & best available techniques.
Tecnimont's goal is to prevent accidents by providing safe working place and prevent damage to environment through sustainable development and continual improvement.